CERINNOV Group provides customers with its experience and expertise in modernization, expansion, or greenfield projects of a manufacturing or decoration plant for the tableware industry.

CERINNOV Group Turnkey Plants for Tableware

Turnkey plants

CERINNOV is able to bring to you its expertise for your projects of modernization, extension, new plant of tableware and cookware.
Our services include:
• Global engineering
• Definition of the equipment
• Study of pastes and glazes

CERINNOV Forming Machines for Tableware


For more than 35 years, Elmeceram, and then CERINNOV has been the shaping machines specialist for tableware. CERINNOV manufactures standard and customized machines for the following processes:
• Pressure Casting
• Robotized Pressure Casting
• Jiggering
• Traditional casting

CERINNOV Glazing Lines for Tableware


For more than 35 years, Elmeceram, and then CERINNOV has been the glazing machines specialist for tableware and cookware. CERINNOV manufactures standard and customized machines for the following processes:
– Edge finishing & fettling
– Glazing

CERAMIFOR Kilns for Tableware

Kilns & Firing

Tableware firing is a demanding process, requiring high performance kils for optimal results. CERINNOV Group has more than 80 years of experience with the biggest tableware manufacturers of:
• Vitreous
• Bone China
• Earthenware
• Pottery
• Stoneware

CERINNOV Decoration Machines for Tableware


The range of decoration machine includes:
• Total Transfer pad printing machine
• Engraved plate printing machine
• Heat release decal application
• Lining & banding machine

CERINNOV Laser Marking Technology for Tableware

Laser Technology

Based on patents to reduce energy consumption and to increase flexibility, CERINNOV has developed a range of laser machines to support you in all your marking or melting activities:
• Logo or backstamp laser marking
• Traceability
• Customized product
• Raw materials densification and melting
• Manual marking unit

EMAUX SOYER Color Solutions for Tableware

Color Solutions

High standards and expertise in Enamels, Earthenware and Stoneware glazes, Coatings and Precious Metals. We offer up to 180 colors of the best quality currently on the world market, by using the best raw materials, thanks to a strict control and to the most modern production process.

CERINNOV Special Equipment for Tableware

Special Equipment

CERINNOV is able to fulfill your special requirement by developing and manufacturing customized machines like :
• Dryers
• Filtration lines
• Surface treatment equipment
• Tape casting unit

Tools & Consumables

CERINNOV is able to supply consumables and tools for the following processes:
• Laser sintering
• Pressure Casting
• Isostatic pressing
• Jiggering
• Pad Printing

CERINNOV Group Service & After-sales

Service & After-sales

CERINNOV provides the following services :
• Spare parts
• Maintenance
• Transfer of know how
• Processes training
• Second hand equipment

Our solutions are recognized across the world

CERINNOV Group offers a complete range of machines tailored to the needs of our customers.

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