Laser Marking Machine

Specialist of the interaction laser-material, and owner of a “laser sintering” patent deposited since 1996, CERINNOV GROUP provides unique opportunities to fix a powdery deposit material on ceramic, glass, metal substrate. The group has developped the mineral powder sintering process mineral powders patented by CERLASE and enlarged a full range of laser marking machines.

CERINNOV GROUP manufactures the mineral colours used for laser sintering and can create a specific colour palette and composition on command. CERRINOV GROUP after sales services ensures a training and the skills transfer.

laser innovation

Functionalization & melting

High flexibility

Energy savings

Very high temperatures

Functionalizing surfaces (thermal, dielectric, chemical barrier)


Marking traceability & authentification

Creation of decorative or traceability marking which answers to precise specifications (colorimetry, chemical resistance, mechanical, thermal)

Product authentication and fight against counterfeiting thanks to a specific optical tracer integrated in laser sintering powders. They reflect a unique signature when the optical tracer is excited at a specific wavelength (developed together with Naomarq).

Cuts drills and welding

Realisation of an organic coated ablation on glass, metal or plastic

Cutting or drilling glass or ceramics

Welding glass/glass, ceramic/glass, metal/ceramic and metal/glass by laser sintering of mineral powder

Discover all the laser machine line

From the manual unit to the full automatized and autonomous laser marking cells.


Buy mineral powder and supplies for your machine

Cerinnov Group has developped an important variety of colours and distributes powder references worldwide.

For development of new compositions in terms of colours or characterictics you can contact us.



Get it done

Order a laser marking on a small serie.

Ask Cerinnov Group for research and test.

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